What is Advocati Diaboli?

We are a guild of friends that enjoys raiding. Our primary focus is on having fun and respecting real life demands while at the same time focusing on progression through hardcore raid content.

Advocati Diaboli means Devils Advocates but we usually refer to ourselves as AD. Our guild hall is located off of the Commonlands docks and is open to all visitors to come in and take a look around.

What makes Advocatus Diaboli unique?

Our motto is to work smarter, not harder. We work on optimizing our performance with in-depth knowledge of game mechanics, class abilities and encounter strats. We run an organized system to schedule, plan and execute our raids as efficiently as possible so that way we can spend more time having fun and getting loot. Open communication with and feedback to the guild leaders is encouraged so there is very little drama in AD.


We don't recruit just anyone that asks. We are a raiding guild and that is our focus. We publish classes that we are currently recruiting on the front page of our website. Even if you don't see your class listed on our recruitment pages, we are always interested in talking to quality players that are interested in joining our team. If you are interesting in applying to AD, please fill out an application for the website and we'll get back to you soon (age 18+ please). Please feel free to also contact us in game (Dragonfire Jones, Itsey or N00busta). We look forward to hearing from you.


AD is a top level guild and is located on the Maj'Dul server.
We run a DKP based loot system with open auction style bidding.
We have main raider requirements but they are not that difficult to achieve if you spend a reasonable amount of time on your toon.
We use our website forums quite heavily for communication as well as fun. AD is truly a dynamic and vibrant community.
We raid 4 nights a week on Sun, Mon, Wed & Thu @ 9:30pm EST.
Raids typically last 2.5 hours and the pace is kept quite brisk.